I retain copyright on all material of my own creation on this site but give you license to use any of it in any way that seems reasonable to you and honours the gifts God gave you.


You are encouraged to make personal use of any material on this website (that is not attributed to others) in any way that honours the gifts given to you by God. Each New Day a Miracle is visited by anywhere from 100 to 200 visitors each day and I imagine that at least some of you would like to do more with this material than to just read it in a browser. Please, by all means do so. Copy it. Email it. Print it. Share it. If something on these pages has meant something to you I urge you to share it with anyone you think may be blessed by it. No obligation, no strings attached other than the following:


The first exception applies to works I have copied from other sources because they have been the inspiration for works of my own. These copied works remain the property of their author or source and are preserved on Each New Day A Miracle solely to provide context and background to what I have written. They are not to be used for any other purpose. They are not to be considered as being in the public domain simply by their presence on a website where everything else is given away. To the original author(s): If you object to my use of your material, I encourage you to contact me that I may make appropriate and mutually agreeable changes.


The second exception applies in the case where materials on this website will be used in a way that results in personal financial benefit to the person or organization using the material. I have no problem if you can use the work presented here in a way that benefits you (or your organization) financially and encourage you to do so if you are able. Not surprisingly, however, I find it reasonable to expect that if you benefit from your use of this material you should also see to it that a local Christian charity also benefits. Christian non-profit organizations may use any material on this website at no cost; but I would appreciate appropriate credit if that is possible.


If you use anything of mine from Each New Day a Miracle for non-commercial purposes and you feel that you just have to return some form of compensation then I encourage you to make a worthwhile contribution to a Christian charity of your choice. As I will not accept money for any non-commercial use of the material on Each New Day A Miracle, contributing to a Christian organization is your only option if you feel the need to make a payment or show your appreciation in some form.


I have been blessed by a great many people throughout my life; none of whom asked for anything in return. Who am I to disregard their high calling by asking something for what is not mine in the first place? Most of what you see on these pages I view to be a gift given to me by God. Paul has written that each believer has been given something by God through which fellow believers may be blessed and encouraged in their own faith. Jesus told His disciples that as God has freely given them great gifts they are to freely share their gifts with others. This then is what I am doing through this website with the gift that God has given me.


I hope that God will be honoured by this website and that you, and those whom you will share this with, will be blessed.


Peter Rhebergen