Albert College Chapel - by Peter RhebergenWelcome to Each New Day a Miracle, a celebration of God and the joy that fills this life because of Him.

This life, though a brief prelude to eternity, is a gift of the greatest value, a miracle that we are given again each morning and is intended for our joy and God's glory.

In this life we suffer the consequence of human rebellion. In this life Jesus Christ came to rescue us from our sin. In this life we have the opportunity to begin a relationship with God that will continue through all eternity.

This website acknowldedges my debt to God, my love for Him and my desire to give Him glory each day through my words, thoughts, and deeds. I hope that you will be encouraged by your time here to see that life is special blessing, a gift from God given each day anew to each one of us.

This life is a gift filled with wonder; each new day is a miracle by which God calls us to Himself. It is my prayer that you will respond favourably to God's call, and that you will be reminded of how very much He loves you.