There is nothing in this life more important than knowing God and loving Him. A good understanding of the Bible will help us do both to the best of our ability. It is my hope that this guide will be of some help to you as you study the Bible and apply God's words to your life.


This guide was first prepared for a course on Bible study as a means to becoming more intimate with God. It was presented over four evening classes at Pickering Standard Church in the autumn of 1999. This guide has since been edited and expanded to be more widely available, and perhaps greater use, to a larger audience. The aim at this time is as it was then: To enhance and encourage the ability of Christians to employ good exegesis in their Bible study that they may know God more intimately.


I welcome your comments or suggestions; if you with to make any, please contact me.


"Study The Bible To Better Know Our God" is made up of three parts, each of which may be freely copied and distributed:

  • Part 1: How to Study the Bible: Discussing the importance of Bible Study and how to study the Bible properly. This study includes: 12 Indcutive Bible study methods; OICA (Observation/Interpretation/Correlation/Application); Bible study resources; Methods of Interpretation; Common errors.

  • Part 2: Twelve Inductive Bible Study Methods: Detailed overview of twelve inductive Bible study methods with accompanying charts. Each of the methods discussed in this document is covered more fully in the excellent book "12 Dynamic Bible Study Methods" by Richard Warren and William A. Shell.

  • Part 3: Charts for the Twelve Induciteve Bible Study Methods: Reproducible charts for all twelve inductive Bible study methods in a single document, also taken from "12 Dynamic Bible Study Methods" by Richard Warren and William A. Shell.

A PDF file of How To Study The Bible can be downloaded from this link. It contains each of the parts above and is suitable for printing. This version will be updated but not as frequently as the HTML documents listed above. Adobe Reader is required to read the PDF download.