Christian and Hopeful Pass the River (from The Pilgrim's Progress) ~ Albert College Chapel, Belleville, Ontario


Welcome to Each New Day a Miracle.  My purpose in creating this site is to share with you some of what God has graciously given to me in this life.   This life, while a prelude to eternity, is also one that is intended to be valued and enjoyed in its own right.  It is in this life that I suffer the consequences of human rebellion.  It is in this life that Jesus Christ came to me and saved me from my sin.  It is in this life that I have been given the opportunity to accept His free gift of freedom from sin.  It is in this life that I begin my relationship with God.  It is in this life that the Holy Spirit is my guide and helper in all that I do.  My desire in this life is to acknowledge my debt to God and my love for Him by rendering glory to my God through my words, thoughts, and deeds.  My hope is that in spending some time here you will also be encouraged to see your life in this way, that you will be able to see it as a blessing from God, a special gift from Him to you.  My prayer is that you will begin to see this life as not merely an end unto itself but as a period during which each of us may experience a growing intimacy with God, a time during which we may each learn to enjoy all that He has to offer, praise Him for all that He has done, and be prepared for the Kingdom of Heaven and an eternity with Him who made us and who loves us more than any other.  More than anything else I hope that during your visit here you can begin to appreciate how special each day of this life is, that each day of this life is filled with wonder, each day is a miracle by which God calls us to Himself.  It is my prayer that you will respond favourably to His call, if you have not already done so, and realize just how very much He loves you.


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