New American Standard Bible (NASB)

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A very good Bible translation is the New American Standard Bible (1995). The NASB is an updated version of the American Standard Version (itself an Americanized descendant of the Revised Standard Version which was published in the United Kingdom) and follows closely in the footsteps of the ASV in attempting to be as faithful as possible to the original languages of the Bible text while retaining the majesty and beauty of translations such as the KJV. Though not found in as wide a range of study Bibles the NASB is considered to be one of the most literal translations available, maintaining as much of the flow of thought of the Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic of the original text as is possible to express in English. And, while the NASB is considered by some to have taken some small liberties with the original text as compared to the ASV, the NASB is a very good combination of accuracy and readability.