April 29, 2012
finished April 27, 2013

you sneer at me, ridiculing
my grasp at the sky as futile
since I'm headed for the dust
will die like all man, to exist
no more

you deride my God, false fancy,
you claim, a made up escape from
a non-existent demise
a self-serving end to keep man
in fear

you mock my faith in God creating
you boast a start from nothing, less
than even hardest vacuum
almighty God reduced to time
and chance

yet I am doubtful that your faith
is as well placed as mine, at least
I have God, you have nothing,
the source and upholder of all
that is

your nothing is but slightly less
than something, real nothing is less
by far than anything that isn't
nothing to grab, no place, no where
to start

a universe

you are amazed at my faith
    trusting the eternal
    self-existent God
as am I at your disbelief
    clinging to a hopeful
    self-existent chance