June 29, 2017 – July 6, 2017


You Don’t Really Want To Know, Do You?


Why I’m happy for my daughters to wear revealing dresses: Mother says she wants her girls to be proud of their bodies


(Daily Mail - Article 3581728)


you don’t really want to know, do you
the thoughts I have I must now destroy
now I have seen a woman such as you
in truth, my response to you is as a man
but if you’d rather I not respond as a man
why so carefully array your body as bait

if you protest my eyes, why be their feast
if you resent my thought, why be its seed

you can’t in honesty say that you’re not
your selfie leaves too little of you unknown
yet leaves who you are to the imagination
you advertise, do you then despise the sale

would you see your innocence transgressed
were I to respond as his nature calls
would you say your glory had been insulted
were I to respond as God decrees