January 20, 2009


What Now?


I deleted your songs today

didn’t want to, had to

couldn’t listen to you anymore

without thinking

of what you were doing

what you had done

how you’d been led astray

and stayed astray

ignoring the power of God

belittling Him in the face of your sin


I too struggle, daily, with sin

the solution is not so much

giving in as keeping on

a life-long fight against temptation

does not legitimize it

but show the need for grace


your words, however true, before

have been perverted

and I can’t enjoy anymore

the words of one who gave up hope


After learning of RB’s coming out,

and the apparent joy he now feels.


How awful to give up on God,

and say that He is smaller than our sin.


How sad to give up hope in He

who promised all our ills to heal