April 24, 2014



we could no more restrain The God
than clay hold back its potter
He will love whom He will love
we but rejoice within His care
to stand upon His word is life
it shields us not from His truth
restricts not who would rejoice with us
but protects us from deceitful lies
the love of which will lead to death


it is not we of faith keeping men from God
but you, for whom is not enough to say
“All who call on the name of the Lord
Will Be Saved!”
but add “Come, and stay, as you are”
you would have a saviour more pleasant
asking not repentance nor sacrificial faith
having no power at all to save


that is not God you show the world
no salvation have you to offer
your father’s lies fly from your lips
obscuring truth with utter hate
all who trust your words will die