12, 2002


Vanity of Man


you dared speak with Satan's voice

among the children in the house of God

boldly declaring your lies

in the place where He is adored

you must be mad


you dared defame the One

who died to set you free

and would claim a wisdom greater

than He who falsehood never spoke

you must be vain


you dared deny the power of He

who daily guides our way

seeking instead your will to follow

t'ward the doom to which it leads

you must be a fool


you claimed a wedge within you

by the righteous, proclaiming truth

separating you from God

but it is of your own making

of your mannish "wisdom" formed


you dared defy the holy God

within His very courts


I pray for your soul


Dr. John Mackay, from Creation Research, was at our church this

past Sunday. This poem is in response to a geologist who stood

up to oppose him. Even in church the enemy has his voice.


Some interesting creation sites:

www.answersingenesis.com  (very extensive, multi-lingual site)

www.christiananswers.net (answers a multitude of questions)

www.creationresearch.net (Dr. Mackay’s organization)

www.creationscience.com (excellent study by Dr. Walt Brown)