February 12, 1997 - March 10, 2014

up! Up! UP!

up from the slime where we were born
on through the years in varying form
time and chance their will to work
on and on our past to shirk


on we grow through countless ages
leaving behind forgotten pages
we come, we come, we go, we go
hither, thither, we cannot know


up from the mire and through the goo
up through the fin and fur and shoe
up through gases and solids and carbon
up until we have to have garb on


till at last our journey's run
we lie here basking in the sun
faces aglow and eyes alight
there's nothing left to give us a fright


and still we grow and change our world
and all about us flags are curled
and we and ours we search and scan
looking about for that thing called man


we have our thoughts we know our mind
we're far improved on what's left behind
our neighbours with this world to share
but we are here and they are there


the chasm between us can't be surmounted
and how we got here can't be accounted
but here we are and here we'll stay
and since we're here it's as we say


but one elusive thought remains
after all this time, how do our brains
wrap around a thought and build
until all opposing thoughts are killed


and another, more troubling still,
how do our bodies conceive a will
develop concepts, either right or wrong,
or write a word, or sing a song


if it's true that from the beasts I differ,
or from that distant green conifer,
by the thoughts that course my head
how am I here, why aren't I dead


for in a realm derived by chance
moral thought bears not a glance
all is wrong and all is right
whether love, or talk, or fight


the very morals I possess
deny the past that some do guess
if I consider good or bad
by my thought my dream's been had

if a fish had lungs but had no air
he wouldn't breath, he couldn't dare
thus if some deed begins my cryin'
it must truly be by some design

my righteous mind cannot remain
where time and chance have their domain
there'd be no use, it'd all be madness
my grief, my joy, or all my sadness

I can't express philosophic joy
and not remain my Creator's boy
if I can think and say and feel
I must bear in me the stamp and seal

of He who is and stands alone
before the world and all its stone
it can't be aught as He has made it
for in its thought my mind betrayed it

"...the fool says in his heart
'There is no God!'...." "for
since the creation of the world
God's invisible qualities...
...have been clearly seen,
being understood from what has been made"
by Him

I was reading tonight in:
"Whatever Happened to the Human Race?"
by Francis A. Schaeffer and C. Everett Koop
and felt that I should write this.

Regarding the fish/lungs/air thing:
If a fish had lungs but had no air
would that be a step up or down?
F.A.S. and C.E.K. make the point,
I appreciated it and put it here.

Scripture from:
Psalm 14:1
Romans 1:20


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