January 1987


to a friend


the wind it howls

hard and cold


standing, walking

on the shore

sudden gust

determined to change course


and doesn’t

life is again stronger

cleaner, surer


you, my friend

who walks this shore

continue on your way

the sun’s been found

by grace of God

choice accomplished

what cruel winds couldn’t


in your gifts you wrote:


“the clouds suffocate the sun

the winds fury

the waves await

my heart’s uncaging


and I dive”




“I believe that I too reflect

a greater glow”


to you now I give:


your heart’s uncaged

sun’s no more obscured

howling winds

still rant and rave

the waves are satisfied


my friend of words

you dove

and in diving found

treasure greater by far

than those you found on shore


a man once said


“live long

and prosper”


continue to fulfill

your God given call

and reflect the greater glow


with the Son

and the sun

you’ll set this ball ablaze

and defy

even the waves


somewhere on the shore

a lone goose roams free

that once beheld your fate