February 19, 1997


They Who Will Not See


The Participants Ongoing:






don’t believe he exists


        But surely you’ve read his books

        or heard his ideas?



I have read books

and heard ideas

attributed to him.

Don’t prove he exists



        But he has made such an impact!

        Our lives are different because of him!


Sure are.




                Excuse me,


                I wish to speak

                at this point.


        But of course sir.


                Are telling us,

                good sir,

                that you do not believe

                what is commonly held

                to be true by all?



Most people are sometimes wrong,

your honour,

my parents

and yours as well

I assume

once held the earth was flat,

or center of creation,

or even immovable.

What most believe,


don’t make it so.


                But it’s proven

                beyond a doubt.

                And taught in all the schools...


        And any who doubt it

        we all view as fools...

        ...my apologies sir.

        But if we are right,

        we don’t care what you think.

        Tell us more,

        good sir,

        and let us laugh.


                Strike that!

                Ignore the plea!

                Tell me instead,

                good sir,

                why you do not believe

                in Charles Darwin,

                I have everything here

                you need for proof.


For the same reason you,

poor soul,

do not believe in God:

You’ve never seen Him.