March 24, 1997


They Stride as Kings


They stride as kings upon the earth

arrayed in mighty pow’r

their heads held proudly

high and gazing t’ward

the land of God beyond their way

That wond’rous place that calls them on

its glories great and yet

as dust beneath the feet

when matched with Him they love

His glory great, so far beyond

what mortal mind can hold

His love their call, their

heart’s desire, that leads them to their home


They stride despised upon the earth

laughed and scorned to death

their heads held meekly

down and leaning on

the hand of God along their way

That One so great the earth cannot

with His greatness battle,

and o’er His saints cannot

gain sway, though beaten, cursed,

and cruelly killed, they are not

o’ercome.  On He leads them

by His great abiding love,

this world is shamed beneath them.


To see the inspiration for this poem

you should read Hebrews 10:32-12:3,

particular the section in bold type.