May 4, 2014


The Ship and The Storm


The waves with clash and clamour
beat furious against the hull
relentless pound at beam and board
seek endless to bend iron to their will
The winds so howling strong
to move mountains from their root
sing chaos through the lines
tempt strength to challenge strength
This ship, assaulted, strains
its moorage, tugs against its bond
to dance upon wilding waves
exult the wind’s tumultuous song
Wind’s siren-song, wave’s caress
urge it slip its long-held anchor
and free carouse the open sea
Yet doom awaits that course
unescapable, swift and certain
Strongly though it ride the waves
in answer to wind’s beguiling call
death below the surface waits
to shatter fragile hull on shoals
well hid behind the storm’s fašade
and integrity shattered, slowly die


By its anchor held, though battered
this ship will withstand the storm