November 11, 1999  ~ November 6, 2013


The Lark Ascending


the lark ascended in carefree bliss, to soar

o’er lingering memories of days long gone

joyous lifting enraptured song, unharmed

untroubled in the air once ploughed by death

hurled by men at other men, careless

that their blood once had freely flowed

on fields beneath its exultant wing

sown as seed in grieving soil, as to rise


as children rise, feel dawn, see sunset's glow

love and are loved, inheritors of a freedom

by fore-fathers and mothers dearly bought

that sons and daughters grow in peace

with sons and daughters of other men

whom once were faced as foe


amazing grace that God could give us

those like these that bore their pain

that we, as yet unknown, could live


we cannot glory their gift enough

our lives forever in their debt reside

we live, we breathe, at their loss

we are because they were


As I wrote [the original] CFMX played “The Lark Ascending,”

a very fitting tribute to they who fought. This rework attempts

to rectify some issues and tidy up the rhythm and flow a bit.


With all due respect to John McCrae's "In Flanders' Fields"

and Ralph Vaughan Williams' "The Lark Ascending."


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