December 13, 2013


So …


So, you've finally saved the planet
made it verdant, lush and green
by your effort reversed the damage
that we before had been

We live in paradise reclaimed
thanks to all that you have done
due to your words, your works, your effort
we have some distance come

Thank you, but

You've not yet cured the greater harm
where our madness had its start
as the way of God and ways of man
at first began to part

What good's been done to save a world
yet leave those upon it slaves
to ancient evil whose hate the curse
of all he would deceive

What have you saved of lasting value
to live beyond this perished earth
that life abundant could recapture
had it but known its worth

We serve the Saviour of the world
for all sin He will atone
we do our fellows grave injustice
to save our world alone


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