March 6, 2014


Snow …


a single flake of snow alights
to stir the heart with quick delight
distract the mind from autumn's leaves
to thoughts of gifts wrapped under trees

a thousand flakes of snow fall down
to gently kiss the cooling ground
summer's chores must soon be done
excitement grows, there's more to come!

a million flakes of snow descend
putting summer's dreaming to an end
on skis and sleds the children play
joyously live their glorious day

a billion flakes of snow pile up
bringing frantic commerce to a stop
all have locked themselves inside
for the groundhog yet again has lied

an infinity of snow around me streams
dashing hopes and plans and dreams
it is too much, it befogs my head
I've had enough! I'm going to bed


Part of a Facebook collaboration with a good friend