SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001


On a beautiful Tuesday morning, with the unbelievable ferocity of the attack upon the United States, our world changed forever. There are no words to adequately describe the horror, the utter evil of such an act. Our minds cannot grasp the enormity of what we have seen, nor are we capable of imagining the kind of person who would rejoice in the face of so great a sorrow. Many years will pass before the pain of this day can be fully healed, many years will pass until the shock of this day abates. Until then let us rely on our great and glorious God to hold us and continue His work in this world through us.


   The Day the World Changed

   No Such Thing as Safe


   They Must Never be Forgotten


In the midst of this tragedy it is abundantly evident that God restrained the hand of Satan to prevent a greater loss. The heroes that saved countless lives at constant risk of their own, and those that bid loving farewells to family and friends now suffering their loss bespoke the Creator's goodness underlying His creation. Those that attacked their attackers and prevented further tragedy did so by His power. At the instant of its response, when both the path of revenge and the path of justice were open to the United States, President Bush guided the United States along the path of justice, showing that God has not yet abandoned that great nation. Even the words President Bush has been using indicate a reliance on God that is seen all too rarely in one so powerful. The words of his address at Washington National Cathedral are among most moving, inspiring, and encouraging I have yet to hear. I pray that each of us will experience God's peace as we seek to deal with this terrible loss.