April 30, 2014


Reason … Or Lies?


seldom will reason lead to truth
though a guide of greatest value
all too often imperfect understood
else all would share the same belief
doubt retreating before so obvious
a truth that all who saw would know


reason an unreliable guide to truth
not by any failure to touch reality
but that we too dimly understand
our thought has been corrupted by
lies so more appealing than truth
that reason is incompletely trusted


regardless how reason searches truth
we will never think beyond the lies
which our common Enemy proclaims
until One pure beyond deception
regenerates our befuddled thought
to ignore deceit and reason clearly


If it was truly based on fact or lie
then each of us would be Christian,
or Muslim, or Humanist, or Jew,
or Evolutionist, or Communist, or…


But because our thinking is clouded
by sin we can no more recognize truth
than we can breathe water as our air


Otherwise we’d all be Blue Jays fans and
you’d all agree that this poem is great :)


Reason must have a perfect guide
if it is to be of any lasting value