April 25, 2014




Perhaps you are right
perhaps I could have spoken more kindly
or have spoken not at all
But she had maligned my God
    whom I so highly adore
and had misled my dear ones
    whom I so dearly love
How could I not rebut these lies
or not remain the man I am


Did you notice my words
said nothing to the slander
of her ridicule of my person
That I cared less for myself
than for my God and my dear ones
than for Truth?


Yet I continue to wonder
if more was afoot than seemed
For your rebuke was solely to me
As if I were sole instigator of this grief
As if I alone had spoken unseemly
I'd had higher faith in you
than to overlook oft’ shown care
than to overlook oft’ spoken praise
than to call out but one of the several
who may have spoken wrong that day
What of the one, who thinks me a fool?
What of the other, who thinks I care not?
What of the friend, spewing lies as truth
whom you rose to defend?
Why did you not rebuke them?
As you had rebuked me
As you had accused me of judging
As you had called me unloving


Why did you do this thing this way
and push me into silence