November 19, 2002


Our Shame


at first I thought of Opa

and how he must now be feeling

gazing down from heaven

upon his children running rampant

whom he had lived to raise

fearing God, faithful

guiding to a fruitful land

where a Bible could be read

and freedom could be lived

now that freedom has turned upon him

and all that he held dear

to allow the godless a seat

within the house of God


then I thought of Jesus

whose blood was spilled for such as these

who now His freedom squander

throwing pearls before the swine

how must He now be weeping

that His word is thrown aside


my God forgive our family

for the turn we now have done you

may those of us who better know

work to undo this horrid stain

and show that you can still forgive

those whose repentance is real


The wicked prowl on every side

when vileness is exalted among the sons of man


Quote is from Psalm 14:8