October 12, 2005


Opposable Thumbs


arrogant thought

that time and chance yield life

that physical attributes yield wisdom

that existence yields justification

oh how far we have come from Glory

to replace it with futile thoughts

exploring phantom dreams as truth

oh how far we have come from our Source

that we fabricate our own

and remove all our hope


I had watched a bit of Alien Planet over

the weekend and was struck by man’s

arrogance: creating a lie to discuss as

fact to disprove Truth. So noble a being,

so wasted a life. This is the Alien Planet.

Alien from He to whom it owes its all.


The title comes from one of the final

arrogances of the lie when we are told

that opposable thumbs are one of the

requirements for intelligent life.


Is there no end to our arrogance?

Yes, actually, there will be.