December 12, 2003 ~ It has taken me some time to gather the courage to place the poem on the following page on this website. For the most part this is because it embarrasses me. I have no problem with you putting two and two together and concluding that I am a sinful human being in need of salvation but to come out into the open and admit that I have a problem with sexual temptation seems to me to be an admission of overwhelming personal weakness. We are confronted at almost every turn with images of a sexual nature, they fill our advertising, our entertainments, our conversations, our  jokes. One cannot enter a store to purchase milk without being assaulted by the concept of sex as pleasure. It is a temptation with which I struggle constantly and am encouraged by the knowledge that it is not sin to be tempted but it is sin to desire temptation. Were it not for the grace of God many Christians, myself included, would long since have abandoned God for the mis-use of His gift of sex. Thankfully He provides strength and grace that we may maintain our true devotion: Faithfulness to our God, to our families, and to ourselves.


For the past several weeks I have felt that I should place this poem here in spite of the possible response from those of you who read it and from my own family. A conversation in the office this morning finally helped me to take this (to me) dangerous step. A co-worker was discussing the testimony of an Egyptian convert to Christianity and how he was persecuted for his faith almost to the point of death and I realized again that Canadian Christians have it pretty easy. In spite of growing social and political opposition to our faith we can still hold jobs, raise families and have an impact on our culture. What right have I to protect my image when the very thing that may tarnish my image may make my brother or sister stronger? With that in mind I am releasing this poem to the world at large with the prayer that both it and my original commentary on it may have a Godly influence in the lives of other Christians suffering from the same temptation or any other.


May God bless and guide you as you struggle with the attacks of our common enemy to shatter our faith.