October 5, 1998


Mocking Grace


Roe vs. Wade

and its liberal supporters

have decreed thirty millions to their deaths

along with all their generations

the cost of our world’s war

the population of my nation

never breathing God’s good air

never living beneath His care

dead and consigned to dumps

not even a tear at a graveside shed


merely a mother’s choice

to let her baby die


and we stand there


eyes wide open, feet planted firm

not doing a thing to save a life

God’s own children run away from home

we do not care, we cannot dare

“Our lives!” we cry

and quick deny

that grace which saved us from our sin

we have no faith to proclaim His power

we can barely feel His hand ourselves

how can we tell others

when we are so empty of His love


thirty millions dead

and countless more to follow

while we sing praise in our lovely churches

to our God whose wrath o’erhangs our world

the barest instant separate all from death

and we think nothing of it

but spread many gracious words


would to God our world would be changed.