November 9, 2008


Lest We Forget


they must not be forgotten

these whose blood


whose tears


purchase our joys

who carry to their grave, honour








beyond imagining

whose lives have paid and pay again

so high a cost for what should not have been


they must not be forgotten

these who live and die for other's gain,

for whom a stranger’s life

has more value than their own


we owe no honour lower

than endless praise


we owe no memory shorter

than eternity


lest we forget

and call from life again

these whose lives have borne our cost


This was set in motion by two things:


- My undying gratitude to those who bought (and buy) my freedom

- Paul Gross' film "Paschendaele" which itself is based on memories

of his grandfather of the horrors of World War I


We can not, ever, hold these men and women in high enough honour