January 9, 2015


Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo


I will stand against terror
staunch opposing rule by fear
but I will not stand as those
lost, whose blood, still warm,
astonished nations rightly grieve

that they could laugh at fear
is courage of highest strain
bold standard for all who live
but I cannot respect their work
of pouring hate upon hatred

evil is evil, in whatever guise
whether violent drawing blood
whether violent drawing lines
neither the other’s just cause
either a poor response to hate

serving hate, both gun and pen
are worthless to redeem or save
owning both the same vile lord
knowing not love, blinding eyes
to forgiveness’ blessed balm

yet our every act must be in love
must be salve instead of salt
lest we serve the lord of hate
ignore the love about us thrown
consigning life to death

I will grieve for Charlie Hebdo
(as for countless nameless more)
but I will not adopt their hate
nor stoop to depths so low
that I fail to see or serve my God

rather, in all seasons, favoured or not
yield my hate to God’s great love
forgiving those who seek my harm
that the love of God in Christ revealed
may by all be seen in me


Je suis racheté