November 10, 2013

It Will Not Be Enough

I will wear a Poppy each November; it will not be enough
I will share in each moment of silence; it will not be enough
I will remember all that was sacrificed, it will not be enough

No matter what I do, it will never be enough
cannot ever be enough

I cannot ever, in all my life, do enough
to satisfy the debt I owe these fallen
these without whom I would not, could not be

Though eternity chase eternity, this debt outlives all time

Greater love has no man than he lay down his life
for one unknown, unable to repay, in utmost finality

If I could give them all that I am, it would not be enough

I am alive, my life stands only upon their own
as God lives, I stand eternal in their debt
All that lies in my power to do is not enough

My only recourse my un-ending, life-long
"Thank You!"

I pray the God who gave me these
my endless gratitude would make worthwhile
the price they paid that I could be.