For most of my life I have written poetry. Some are good. Some are average. Many are pleasant only to me. I do not pretend to be a great poet; but I am a man, I have experienced both joy and grief and i have reflected on these in the form of poetry (and, occasionally, in prose).


As you read these poems, you are reading the personal journal of my life. The words on these pages have sprung from the realization that I have no one on whom I can depend other than God; they are cries to Him for help, praise to Him for His wonder, and reflections of the universe He has made for us to enjoy.


These poems are a form of worship; it is my prayer that in reading them you will be encouraged to worship God and praise Him for the life He has given you, regardless of its pain or joy.



The Mirror Shows Unfairly
Don't Presume To Tell Me
LORD! Keep Them Safe From Me
Some Days Life Will Smile
Dave and Morley's Silence
I've A Hole Inside Me
To Damascus
The Calling
Oh God Be With Me Today
Falling Off
Once Filthy
This Life So Sorely Needs A Light
Us vs. Them
Mid-standing Wild Stream's Torrent
The Tormentor
Were It Not For God
There Is Nothing, Nothing At All
To A Friend
Can We Do This/That?
On Listening To James Horner Movie Themes

I Was Alive When Apollo Flew
Add Another Letter
What Transpires
In The News Today
I Crawled Out Of My Hole, Slowly
I Am Tempted At Times To Throw It All Away
The Beauty Of Life
You Don't Really Want To Know, Do You?

Infinity's Edge
I Win
The Sower
Hope Springs Eternal
I'm Not Sure Which Are Worse
You Didn't Notice
Days Stand Atop Themselves
Jesus Was There Too
Rose Left The Spectacle Before I Came



When ...

We Bring The Good News!

Weep / Hope

You Called Here Home Long Before I Came

May My Small Voice Praise You!

We Have Rebelled

You Couldn't Be More Wrong If You Tried

Psalm 76:10

I'm Sorry

Don't Judge

The Sower

One Look At The Wonder Around Us

Fortress (O. S.)



Did You Not Make This Earth

How Can This Soul Please You?

Sometimes Facebook Hurts

Each Time You Open Your Mouth

Finding Hate - Forsaking Love

Don't Go Blaming The Church

The Soul Has Been Devoured

Telling Yourself There Might Be

They That Love ...

Oh! Give to Me An Endless Sky!


God Does Not Take Refuge

How Do I Tell You
Is It Wrong?
I Am Weak
Walled In
Brakes Squeal
It Comes Suddenly
Oh Father, This World, It Cries
I Feel Worthless
Sometimes I Wonder
Death Flows Soft About Me
Pieces Of Me Lay Scattered
These Thoughts
Last Night I Cut My Wrists
Off To One Side
Not A Good Place
I Do Not Doubt
Every Day
You Laugh To Scorn But Are Mistaken
It Is Shown Me Continually
To Maged Yacoub
You Think It But A Trivial Thing
Yesterday A Tear Filled Prayer
Nothing At All
I'm Not With Miley Ray On This
Evil Hides Within Her Pleasant Form
This World By Sadness Shroud
Exactly As I In-dwell A Tent
Praying To An Ineffective God



Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo

Will Anyone Care For Me?


Do I Matter ... At All?


Of all My Loves My Best is Thee!

Where Ways Divide

Broken Body

Words May Make a Thing Seem Pure

You Deride My Words

Spring is in the Air

Am I a Man?

Not Brittle, Not Fragile Even

It Is Finished!

When You Told Me

God of all Creation

The Greatest Proof Of God We Need

The Neighbours are Up-In-Arms

It Shall Not End

There Is Not Glory Enough For These

We Do Good, We Are Good, We Hope

Best of all Possible Times

Most Times

An Invisible Man

Message Received

Pieces of Me

We Blame the Maker

Don't Do Them Any Favours

Is It Na´ve To Hope?

Ever Closer to the Night

It's Kind of Funny

Across The Sea ...

We Take What We've Been Given

The Rest of Our Lives

They Neither Know Nor Care

It is of the Earth Most Wondrous

Rose Left

I Do Not Begrudge Your Pain

Plato's Idea


The Lark Ascended

Along the Humber

Beside the Wild Water

Into That Silent Darkness



I Am Not of Buchan's Heroes

It Is Winter

Disbelieving You Are Made

I Wrote a Poem Once

Contrary to What You May Think

We Shall Not Walk Those Distant Fields

I Miss The World I Dreamed

My Flesh Too Frail

Snow ...

Tim Horton's Haiku

Facebook Poetry Collaboration with Tara and Others

We On-Dwell a Spinning Ball

He Came to Us

He Came for Me!

Holiness Corrupted

I Am Not

An Instant from the Edge

Repantance is not a Choice

No Shoes in Heaven

We Can't be Certain

It Doesn't Matter What You Think

I Came to the River and Stood

Winter Returns

I Am Confounded

'nuff Said

I Know How it Works

We Could No More Restrain God

You Deride My Words

Perhaps You are Right

You May Not Enjoy Hearing it From Me

Once Upon a Time

Reason ... or Lies?

The Ship and The Storm

I Feel the Undertrodden

I was a Child when Apollo

I Used to Have an Opinion

Put Not Your Trust in Man

I Will Celebrate These Holy Days

Must be Some Almighty Love

A Mother's Love

Careless Words

Is it Because You Think Me Rude

There was a Fire

I Cried Myself to Sleep

The Greatest Proof of God We Need

Joy Fleets as Summer Rain

This Heart LIVES!

There is a Life

So far From Joy

Whatever's Written In Your Heart

I Will Rejoice

Words May Make

Mute Before the Almighty God

Were I a Spade to See

Sticks and Stones

I May Not Know ALL of Him

Of all My Loves My Best is Thee!



Evil Hides Within Her Pleasant Form

We Live in an Age Where Violence is Glorified

I Weep for this World


Boston, April 2013 ~ Hope

Boston, April 2013 ~ They Ran!

Oh Lord! Help Us!

I Will Not Criticize You

Should You Deride My Fall

I Didn't Deserve You

I Continue to Seek Approval

I See Them Alongside Me, Lord

It is not of Myself

There Must be Something More

It's Finally Friday!

This World with Sadness Shroud

We Keep Asking "Why?

There, but for the Grace of God

I Couldn't Care...

The Lark Ascending

It Will Not be Enough


I Honour These

Journey With Me, Won't You?

The Flame

Egg Nog

Such a Hate Filled Place


Let God Forget

I Thought I Would Be Reviled

Christmas Brings Christianity Back For Me

So ...

Thus I Weep



We Had Such Dreams


You Were

You Ask...

Wet Paint



Oh, Mary (...et alia...)

You Stand Your Stolen Pulpit

There Will Be Blood...

Misapprehending Wrath and Love

You Sneer at Me

You Can Wish All You Wish

How God Sees

Joshua at Jericho

If I Teach My Child to Love

Died Suddenly

On Chesterton, Lewis (et al)

Uncle Joe Moved Out Last Night

Life is Simply Delirious

One Way

I Will Never Forget You

What Days Await



Rigel Burns Blue

The Year Wound Down to its Close

...and I must go...

Taking the Days

Who Cares?

Delayed Reaction


Infinity's Edge

It's Not a Club...

At This Road's End

It Wasn't So Much


Oh God! Uphold Me!

In This World

It Stands Firm



Once Apart

Wandering (2)

Thank You...



Look Deeper

The Way

Where Would We be Without You?



I Am Nothing

He Is!

I Long for Your Salvation

My Captain

That's Not How

It's Only Me

Hope Filled & Bright Eyed


Russell Williams


Anger vs. Justice

My Redeemer Lives!



Every Sunrise

Created For Him

What Now?

Basking In You


Running Out Of Time

Oh God! Our Help In Ages Past

I Tripped Over You

Things Are Not As They Seem

You've Been Lied To

I Inhabit This World You Give Me

Is It Me?


Speaking To A Friend The Other Day

What God Sees

Fog Shrouded Morning

Facing Jericho

Delusional Nonsense

D-Day - 65 Years Later

Do You?

Rob Greenwood

Job Didn't Hide His Pain

Lousy Sucky Stinking Day!

You Think It Your Due

This Road Has Walls

Days Pass Slowly By

Come, Grow Old Together With Me

I'm With Miley Ray

So Great a Good

My Fingernails are Ripping Out

He Will Kill You

Could One Prove God?


None So Blind





Where It's Safe

The Test

Allegorical Steak


The Gift

404 and Finch

Oh My God, Hear My Cry

Something Wicked this Way Comes

It's Hard to Soar with the Eagles

We Cannot Forget Them

Lest We Forget (2008)

Never Again

You Must Not Mourn For Me



I Shall See His Face

Sometimes A Stranger

He Is Not Just The God Of Christmas

I Would Let Go

It Is a Lonely Road

I Am Man

Look Around You

Do You Know I'm a Christian?



Sometimes A Day Goes By


Might As Well Laugh

God! Help Me!

Like The Air

We Die Together

Trust You With My Life

My Dog Lays Trap-Wise

Big Deal!

This Man Receiveth Sinners

My Rubicon

My Question

Everyone Does Not Know


Hezekiah's Prayer

Elijah ~ Me


Thank You God!

We Came Across God

Why Only The 11th

Sooner Or Later

John Steinbeck, He Knew

My God, I Love You!






Standing on this Little Ball


Sometimes I Want To Give In

Broken Body

Nothing Here But Us

Would We Weep

There Seems to be Something Wrong

A Father's Days

Noble Words

One Million People Weep


Opposable Thumbs

His Light Has Come Upon Us



Just Say "NO!"

Ah Today, One Could Dream of Summer

They Would Have as Love What is Not Love

To: Mr. Svend Robinson (again)


If Us, Why Only Us?

The Smallest Work of God


There Is Too Much Grief

The Dark

And Yet



How Dare We

First Beagle 2

Insufficient Words

Job ~ Closely Held by God

Look at ME!

Why Believe In Such a god?

The Long Dark Night of Peter Rhebergen

Darkness Descendant

A Great Persecution

I Don't Want To Smile

The Schedule




Glorious Light Shines Down

Empty Parents

Faith Suffers Not Embarrassment or Shame

Nice Flag, Shame About the Country

There is no Place, There is no Time

Ignorance of Grace

Do I Weigh Least at Noon

We've Found the Universal Unity

To: Mr. Svend Robinson


Empty (of the Color of Christmas)

Has It Come To This?



February 7th, 2002


If You Could See My Face

Found in My Basement (#1)

Found In My Basement (#3)

Found in My Basement (#10)


Explosion on Coming Home

Bed-ridden, Pain-Wracked, Deserted by Hope


The Vanity of Man

Our Shame

That is not Love

They Believe the Fabled Atlantis



Good God, What Creatures be These

He Came as a Breath of Fresh Air

Oh Lord!  You Have Given

The Fool has Said in His Heart

Dedication of the Land

We Only Have the Now

April 26th, 2001

The Highest Service

Echoes of The Glory


God or Fraud

It Happened Once

A Poem on a Sunday Afternoon

Not So Obscure a Place

The Glory

The Silence

Dear Lord God

These Fragile Bones

September 11th, 2001

And They Shall Be One!

The Longing of Home



The Pit

Some Would see this World of Stuff Alone

The Arrogance of Man Will be Brought Low

Just Large Enough for Fire to Warm

The Gift

I Had Thought

Darwin's Mind Conceived a Thought



Man His Greatest Attempt

Writing on the Sand

Helpless Before the Power of God

Does the Reward Validate the Effort

Lest We Forget

The Name of the Lord in My Children's Songs

OK, so it was a Busy Morning Today

A Universe of Two



Almighty God This World Has Made

Too Much On Angels We Confer

How did You do it

I am not of Buchan's Heroes

Thirsting for Life in a Universe Devoid of Sign

Leaving Earth

Sunday, Evening Sermon

Never a Cry

The Lark Ascended



Sarah at the Grammies

A Leap of a Different Kind

Cast Upon the Care of God

Facing the Cross

Where Our Wonder Went

We Sang "Amazing Grace" Last Night in Church

Change of Mind

Beyond the Walls

Our Children's Blood

On Occasion We Would Wish to Ask

I Saw You on the Road That Day

Wrapped Within a Shroud of Stars

The Thunder

Worshipping Earth

Mocking Grace

Living in the New Town


Upon Learning of the Death of an Israeli Soldier

Remembrance Day 1998

How Insidious



up!  Up!  UP!

I Think Therefore I Am

They Who Will Not See

I Stand not at the Parting of the Ways

One Said, Long Ago

They Stride as Kings

Mid-afternoon Walk

To Those Who Fall

I Have Loved You Yesterday


The Unburdening

The Stars O'erspread the Sky



I Feel Sometimes that I Could Fall off the Edge

A Treatise on the Christian Life

In a World Ever Closer to the Night

An Ode to a Sunshine Girl

I Saw Andromeda!

Once Again I Prove My Mortality

The Lost



I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

And God Spoke

The Gallery



I Came Face to Face with True Love

God is Love!



To a Professor at Ontario Bible College



See that Man Standing There

Again I Prepare to Leap



My God!  The Grief You Felt

Looking Back

In Memoriam ~ A Self Portrait

In Memoriam ~ A Self Portrait With God

I Hate This World

I Stood Aside

Autumn Landed Hard Today

My Awesome God (first draft)

My Awesome God (final draft)

Truly Jesus You Are Great!

In the Beginning God

You, the Beginning of God's Creation

Too Much We Take for Granted



On Parting

Genesis 4:7

How Can This Body Sing?

I Saw the Tree Tonight

Who Could be Compared to God?

On Fighting Temptation

Found August 20, 1988

A Poem for Darlene

To Opa and Oma

In Your Book it Says

So What do I do Now?

Our God Reigns

On My Desk Beside Me

Material Things

Creator of the Rain that Thunders Down

Lord, Who am I?



Sitting Beside You

It's Over Now

Great God

To a Friend

To Cathy

So What!

The Skies Were Red

The Sun Shone Bright

Thank You Lord

For a Time

An Afternoon with Pete and Kelly

I Know Not What

Today is Dead

We Enter Alone

Evening Service, April 5, 1987

Rain Drops

After Karltje '87

To a Friend at Erie


Oh Lord!  You Have Clothed Me


To Emily and to Life



Craziness, You Say?

His Life Entire

Two Way Street

Cast Yourselves Off From Me

The Wages of Sin is Death

On That Day!

Late in the Evening

You Say to Me Be Still

How do I Return to Life




Faces Fade Before My Eyes

Words Fail Me

In Memoriam ~ John Prinsen

Genesis 22 v. 1

Diamonds Forever in the Sun

Twisting Trail


Rainbows, Friends and Miracles

Let Your Mouth Never Speak

Upon Hearing You Sing

David Beneath the Stars

Shadows Flit Across the Floor

Those Who Hold the Storm Clouds Back

Thoughts at Bedtime

The Rain (part I)

The Rain (part II)


To a Blind Friend

Staring at the Floor

Relief at St. Joseph's Oratory




Out in the First Morning


Here I am

Long and Lone I Wandered


Distant, the Thunder Sounds

Lord, I'm Confused

Today, Lord

Late at Night

Look Forward My Friend

We are the Light

Andy DeBruin

The Morning Broke Through

A Fall of Leaves

Let Me Praise My Lord

Honour Held

I've Just Read a Note on Praise

Screaming Through a World

Standing by the Road and Tall

Sing and Dance

Late at Night I Knock

I Must Sing Your Song

At Last



How do I Say Thank You

Riverview March

Old Sol Dances in His Fields

At Last!

Alarm Ringing

Up High

Look! The Stars

Caught in a Streamer

Here I Am, Standing

Friendship Ring

Wars Raging

To the Depths of Heaven I Ascended

Ah, 'tis Autumn Once More

401 and Shopping Malls



Shelter Valley at Night

Thunder Rumbles in the Distance


I Can Sing

My Lord, You are Great



Time Goes OnTime Goes On


Master of the Storm

O God You Let Me Live

Autumn's Hand Once Again is Shown

The Promise of Tomorrow

Autumn Ride


The Artist

Man on a Tight Rope

I Sit Here



One Death



I Wander Through This Place




Loneliness Is A Tree

I Met My Neighbour by the Way




Time Enough

The Prayer of the Adult Child

We Are MAN!?



The Forgotten

Is it All In Vain?




A Dream



I Took a Stroll