May 8, 2014


I used to have an opinion, or two
or three, pretty sure that I still do
but so many have told me so much
at odds with what I think I know
I’m not sure what I ought to say
any more. Not that I am doubtful
of what I know I know, but others
knowing all they know they know
decry what I believe as it were false


In a world like this, where every
thought is second guessed and
regardless of its hold on truth
doubted by those with thoughts
of their own, how can truth be
found amid such noise and clamour
save from a VOICE much clearer


I used to have an opinion but I can’t have one any more
was told instead to think thoughts not my own
was unable to speak words worthy other’s thought
sweeter words than I had crafted always being chosen
counter debates than I had made always being praised
as what I had said and done and thought and bled
were of no greater worth than be the motivation
for the ridicule, correction and improvement of others




as if the fount from which words arose were different