May 19, 1995


I have decided to follow JESUS!

            step through the door

            it’s a beginning

I’ll read my Bible and talk with JESUS!

            equipping the MOG-WOG-TOG

            evaluate all against the Bible

When I am tempted I’ll run to JESUS

            nothin’ new

            I’m not an odd duck

            and God IS faithful!

When I’m discouraged I’ll trust in JESUS

            lay all your cares on Him

            He’ll take ‘em

I’ll follow JESUS all the way to Heaven

            I WILL follow!

            no shame in falling down

            shame in staying down

I have decided to live for JESUS!


Vernon Scott was talking at the

Youth Retreat and I wrote this.

MOG = Man of God

WOG = Woman of God

TOG = Teen of God