March 20, 2014

Holiness Corrupted

you try to wrap it up in fine sounding words
generously building your bridges to inclusivity
for those who’d rather we change than them
but at its heart you’ve capitulated to corruption
you are traitor, giving sanctuary to the enemy
your master owns the mortgage to your soul
has discarded the treasure you don’t even miss
you can no more offer life than a graveyard
your words are more wishful than comfort
and yet you smile and promise a salvation
that, denying the very blood that bought it
is no longer yours to supply

you put up barriers against the un-enlightened
grandiose walls redefining lies as if true
and laugh them to scorn who truly reborn
disdain your work as less value than dust
and cling to the word that called them to life

when the final storms begin to break
they will stand on the truth you deny
and live where you thought love did not