December 23, 2003


Has it come to this?


I suppose democracy must be to blame

giving people choice in matters fore-ordained

presuming to choose God’s leaders for Him,

uninformed masses choosing calculated deceit,

guiding our lives by standards more pleasing

than God’s to those who have the greatest voice

desiring freedom and recognition of the “oppressed”

we are cast from our mooring

adrift upon a sea of deceptive calm

nature abhors a vacuum and democracy a guide

other than its own, where God is banished

eventually all aberrant voices will have their say

making their way of rebellion the norm

all voices have speech yet adhering to none

in a realm where no word is law

any word may become law

escaping God’s good rule

we are subject to the tyranny of man

and without voice to re-consider


Based in part on the recent discussions

within the Anglican Church on the “matter”

of the ordination of homosexual leaders. It is

unbelievable that such a stage is acknowledged.

Would that God’s law be that upon which man’s

was based. How can any doubt exist about God’s

condemnation of homosexual behaviour?