April 1, 2002


Found in My Basement: #3


how I am able to envy you

the people of the day

He walked among you

healing your sick

raising your dead

turning your water into wine

what joy it must have been

to see Him

to touch Him

and hear Him speak


how I am able to envy you

the ones He raised to life

how it must have felt

life returning to your eyes

thrust to your blood

volume to your lungs

waking from your sleep

to tear filled eyes

suddenly dry

clouds of grief

blown aside by the wind of true joy

could life have been better

having tasted death

and knowing its defeat

seeing its Conqueror


how I am able to envy you

the seventy He sent out

His divine commission

upon your head

the power of His name

fire in your blood

you performed miracles!

in His name

what a feeling it must have been

to be His hands

and His feet

on that long ago road


and how I am able to envy you

the twelve He called His own

walking, talking, being with Him

for years on end

how I long to learn those words

the way that you learned them

you loved Him as a man

as I never can


Added second verse February 5, 2005