April 1, 2002


Found in My Basement: #10


we interrupt this show

to bring to you

a news flash

events on

the lower east side

are happening

Johnny’s on the spot

to bring it to

your lives


hornet’s nest activity

besets this

seldom heard from quarter


Tennant’s Block goes out

in a blaze of glory


livid against the night

                                    (so silent and deep)

writhe in the agony

surely felt by all

emergency crews

battle rubber necks

to see who gets there first

silence retreats

as the battle rages


um-m-m-m, could you get more personal please, Johnny?)



in the shadow of doom

devoid of all




stand…the victims

a few hurriedly grabbed garments

upon their shivering bodies

(My God!

How could this be?

Where are they?

Oh my God, where are they?)


okay Johnny, that’s it

we’ve got to get back

to regular programming


sorry, ladies and gentlemen,

for this intrusion,

we now return you

to your show,

thank you,

good evening


Kind of a reflection on the news media

and how it seems to care intensely

and yet gives not a care at all.


The title reflects finding it in my basement

after several years while packing to move