March 6, 2014

A Facebook Poetry Collaboration with Tara and Several Others


The Most Fun I’ve Had on Facebook in a Very Long Time


The Longest Poem I Ever Didn’t Write

Peter - A Winter Hiaku

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow
No Snow No Snow No Snow No
Go Snow Go Snow Go

Heidi - Love it!

Jane - See spot. See spot run. See spot run on green grass.

Christopher - There are flowers blooming all around me. No snow all winter. It may be more efficient to move to avoid snow than wait for climate change to turn Canada into Florida. Though Canada is the best despite the cold, ice and snow.

Katee - Out of all your poetry, this is the piece that resonates with me the most. Your juxtaposition of haiku and Dr Seuss with such a timely message. . .

Peter - There is remarkable resonance in the words of the doctor

Tara - Sure hope that works!

Peter - By the way, Katee, I had harboured hopes that at least some of my poetry would have a more profoundly spiritual resonance that the simple and childish dream of this one

Emily - You know Haikus don't have to rhyme, right?

Peter - Sigh ...

Tara - Dedicated to Peter because every Haiku can use a Seussian follow up.

I do not like snow
Do not like it at all.
It's still on my driveway
And half up the wall.

There is snow on the walk
And there's snow at the door
There's snow in my boots
And all over my floor

I can't see through the windows
There's snow on them too
And the snow is so deep
I can't clean the dog doo.

Peter - Awesome!

Emily - Can I like that twice? ^^

Cheryl - Now THAT is a poem I understand!

Ian - Love it! I'm sharing this

Peter - For my friend, Tara, who likes snow more than I do:

Snow …

a single flake of snow alights
to stir the heart with rare delight
and distract from autumn’s fiery leaves
to thoughts of gifts wrapped under trees

a thousand flakes of snow fall down
to gently kiss the cooling ground
summer’s chores must soon be done
excitement grows, there’s more to come!

a million flakes of snow descend
putting dreams of summer to an end
on skis and sleds the children play
joyously live their glorious day

a billion flakes of snow pile up
bringing frantic commerce to a stop
people try to huddle warm inside
for the groundhog once again has lied

an infinity of snow around me streams
dashing hopes and plans and dreams
it is too much, it befogs my head
I've had enough! I’m going to bed

Tara - You have set a challenge!

Peter - And here I thought I was merely rising to yours

Tara - Always fun to write a little bit of nothing in particular to make people smile!


It's the SAND I can't stand
It's the sand on the floor
It comes in the front hall
When I open the door

It sticks to my socks
And scratches the floor
I sweep it each day
But always there's more!


The sand just won't go
The Sand it will stay
Though Roomba rides by
It just won't go away!

Tara - Sorry Peter. Now my sister has joined in. There may be many more verses to this poem forthcoming!


The sand, and that salt!
How they plot, and I'm foiled...
That salt and that sand
How my carpet is spoiled.

The sun just won't come
The sun just won't stay
The sun that would help
It to all go away!

Joshua - Ode to snow


If I had my wishes
If I had my dreams
I'd kayak near fishes
On free flowing streams


But the streams are all frozen
The water turned hard
I can't get to the shed
In the back of my yard

The kayak lies dormant
The paddles are still
It's just me, my snow shovel
And a mighty wind chill


My tears they lie freezing
Like gems on the ground
As my friends are all teasing
'til spring comes around

But the boats are still calling
Through the wind and the chill
Though snow may be falling


It WILL come we will say
And repeat oft and on
It WILL come and will STAY
Yet .. the snow presses on.

We're made sad by dark skies
And the clouds, and each storm
We've lost our left glove
And our mittens are torn.

We hope for the thaw
For the birds to return
We hope for the rain
And the smell of wet worm


I still own my left glove
But my marbles are going
Even so with my best love
I'd rather be rowing

But my snow blower growls
With sinister cheer
And all the snow howls
As it's thrown far from here

And yet I will hope for
That far brighter day
When going out the door
Won't have my nerves fray


The winter we think
It has gone on too long
The robins should come
It is time for their song

For the snow and the ice
And the wind chill to leave
For the polar vortex to
Provide a reprieve


Suzuki and Gore
Are huddled in igloos
And holding the door
To drown out all our boos

The Vortex and warming
Seem both inhospitable
For us they are harming
With doom so disputable


What's I hear
A slow gentle drip?
Is the ice in a thaw?
Did my heart do a flip?


A drip, oh for a drip
The oft' hoped for melting
Would call for a trip
To the shore to go smelting


Methinks that your rhyme
Is beginning to fail
That you're trying too hard...
Missed the head of the nail.


Perhaps it is the cold
Has addled the brain
My verse may be old
Yet I cannot refrain


Perhaps it's the talk
Of the climate in change
It may mess with your head
Cause the rhyme to turn strange


Oh dear, oh my goodness
The sudden derision
It must be the sand-mess
Affects your decision

For honest and surely
I'd thought better of you
Than to razz me so purely
Over poetry true


So sorry dear friend
If you feel that I mock
I've enjoyed all our rhyme
It's more fun than just talk


The feelings aren't hard here
I'm not even miffed
Though word hasn't touched ear
We surely have riffed

And now awesome singer
I must call it a night
For my book it doth linger
I must taste its delight

Teresa - I loved reading all that! You two are brilliant!


Had fun through the snow
And the sand and the rhyme
Enjoy your good book
And a restful night time.

Peter - Thank you Tara, that was a blast!

Tara - Hopefully not a blast of snow! Most welcome and thoroughly enjoyed - Now I will have to go back to regular sentences. Good thing we don't work together. We would drive our coworkers all nuts!