July 28, 2004




a promise made, before God and man

to love, honour and obey

come whatever


well or ill

rich or poor

good or bad


till death alone shall part you


yet all too short a time beyond

your words are tossed aside

the promise made before your creator

before His multitude

lies broken


and you care not


had you no thought?

had the promise you made no meaning?

can one promise God and not fulfill?


how casually devotion is treated


how often desire overwhelms it


would that we would turn to Him

trusting Him to sustain

when reality defies our dreams


If you are divorced and read this, I am sorry if I

have hurt you, that is not my intent. I wish merely

to express how unreasonable divorce seems

from my point of view. Having seen nothing but

devotion all of my life I cannot comprehend what

would lead to divorce other than marital infidelity.