APRIL 26th, 2001


In the early hours of April 26, 2001, God called to Himself our treasured brother (father, son, husband, and friend) Rick Campbell after an eighteen month struggle with leukemia.  I have placed some of my reflections on the inspiration of his faith, the pain of his death, and our joyful hope in the promise of God on this page in the hope that they may be of assistance to others going through similar trials.  Although a very personal grief is being dealt with the essential point of these poems is that death is not natural.  Death is a punishment for sin, the curse of which we all fall under.  Of all facts of life none is more certain than death yet it is the one event for which we are the least prepared.  In fear of its permanence we deny its reality until the time that such denial becomes impossible.  Death need not be permanent, however, for the endurance of its penalty is removed for those who love the Lord through the saving blood of Jesus Christ.  We who love Him shall not die but live forever in glory with our eternal King.


   Down in the Family Room

   Catching David's Fire


   Mac Asked Me to Say Grace Last Night

   If God Wants Me to Die

   Away From the Body, at Home With the Lord

   Strange That it Didn't Make the Papers

   We Buried What Used to be You

   Our Greatest Loss for God's Greater Gain

   How Kind of God to Give Us Time