April 1987


After Karltje ‘87


we walk through the wrack

of other’s ruin




but for the grace of God

go we


bodies at our feet


once alive


victims of our love

the burden of us

that at last has laid them low

still uncaring

in the flames of our faith


empty eyes

at a preacher staring


in the midst of plenty



would have gone to the cross

just to save one child

from being lost*


suddenly opened


a hand extended

a body stands


again Christ lives!


*Randy Stonehill “Save the Children,”

from Celebrate This Heartbeat


Karltje is the annual talent show of the Eastern League YCF


I read somewhere once that we in North America comprise

about 10% of the world's population, yet we consume about

90% of the world's goods.  The roads to our homes are surely

littered with the bodies of those we have forsaken for our gain.