October 31, 2016
Oh Father, this world, it cries
“Whether made this way
or made that way
I am as He made me
and that makes me okay”
using how they find themselves
to justify how they stay
after meeting You
You! The righteous Creator of all
incapable of sin
unable to do evil
without even the barest hint
of shadow or corruption
they say You made them thus
and in denying You Your glory
deny themselves Your salvation
it is not mine to hate or judge
such things are better left to You
of infinitely greater wisdom
unendingly generous mercy
purer, more relentless justice
than I could ever claim
all I know is this:
You made me to be a man
my sin is of my own cause
(and how dare this creature
lay his failings at Your feet
as though You could bestow
evil upon Your creation)
You found me in my death
You justified me to Your life!
and whatever I was before
it has been infinitely removed
from what You have made me be
and I thank You!
and I praise You!
with all my once dead soul

November 1, 2016
her voice, Lord, is large
though she speaks lies
misleading your people
while my own voice is tiny
though I speak the truth
to lead people to You
why, Lord, is this so
are your people to die
for their preferring the  lie
when truth is ready to hand

November 1, 2016
it is the loveliest of ugly things
fair foulness seductively alluring
to eyes so longing for beauty
truth is easy laid aside for a lie
upon which praise is heaped
lives destitute of caring guide
squandered in search of comfort

November 1, 2016
I feel worthless
utterly and irredeemably
so worthless
all who look see nothing
scornful of
any part of me I value
made fun of
my staunch adherence
to Your truth
and my devotion to You
and as wonderful as it is
being loved by You
a merely human touch
would be marvellous

November 2, 2016
sometimes I wonder if I’ve misapprehended God
when some who should think the same way
or those who could use the gifts I have
it’s discouraging to stand aside and not be
sometimes I wonder if I’ve got God right at all

November 2, 2016
Alone …
there seems, oddly, to be a balance
that I not be drawn away to fall
but stand where I’ve been bound
the silent dusty echoes resound
yet are no louder than elsewhere
and, though I am painfully alone
I am at least kept safely home

November 4, 2016
death flows soft about me
its lovely form too near
far too alluring to escape
stands astride this narrow way
on which my life depends
I have not tripped nor fallen
as steps near skirt the verge
where life is held to hazard
the dance death always leads
no give-and-take, no dialog
but sudden gasping fall
relentless to destruction
if in life I am less than holy
all can be said against is “No!”
discussion fails, I am doomed
if in life I am less than holy

November 7, 2016
pieces of me lay scattered about
I can tell that they’re all wrong
and have no way to put them right

November 7, 2016
these thoughts, these
horrible thoughts that
carouse and revel where
sadness lives, has long
resided by the clamour
of death surround

November 7, 2016
Last Night …
last night I cut my wrists
both of them, in the dark
off the edge of the bed
where no one could see
that life ebbed out of me
put a blade to my throat too
just for good measure
make sure the job was done
that others had begun
though the blade was flesh
the cut went as deep
as if metal had been used
the act as real, I as dead
pleading that my Saviour
save my life, let me live

November 7, 2016
there is a bruise on me, a large, discoloured weakness
where once I had been strong enough to carry
the weight of what they thought, who around my life
walk and live and laugh and smile; loved and adored
and it frightens me that I hurt so much that every
touches like a blade, sharply thrust into my very heart
callous twisting while all about me smile, unknowing

November 7, 2016
off to one side
in the shadows
here in the dark
not wanting to
those who have life

November 7, 2016
Not A Good Place
this is Not A Good Place To Be
I am antagonistic to everyone
who does Any Thing, whether
it is a Good Thing or a Bad Thing
even those who Try To Help
are cautionarily viewed
rejected, far more often than not

November 7, 2016
I do not doubt, no! not for one instant
that I am fearfully and wonderfully made
that I am the handiwork of Almighty God
that I am here for His pleasure and purpose
that I am to honour Him in everything I do
deep down inside this broken lonely heart
I am fearful of life and wondering its pain

November 7, 2016
Every Day
every day they ask me
“How are you today?”
and I tell them the lie
“I’m (not) fine (at all)”
with my fragile smile
paste upon my despair
hoping desperately it
hides this endless pain
the tears in my soul
and all the while I pray
for one to see the façade
tear it down to save me

November 8, 2016
you laugh to scorn but are mistaken
my faith is strong, yours has shaken
free of its first and great foundation
is no longer capable of your salvation
you sneer at me, you speak to mock
though I, not you, yet walks the walk
you who now chase these fickle winds
will you laugh when Heaven He rescinds

November 8, 2016
it is shown me continually
get up on a nice little roll
moving nicely right along
and suddenly a wrench is
carelessly tossed, showing
once again my true value

November 10, 2016
I heard an SMS arrive
along the 404 ramp
and remember praying
that it would be you
saying you’d stay home
if I’m going to be alone
I’d rather no one be around

November 10, 2016
it is the relentless cry of “No!”
I find so endlessly exhausting
a subtle glance, a sudden smile
and I must scream my refusal
before my mind has time to think
And. I. Am. So. Tired.

November 10, 2016
they drape themselves across my screen
unsolicited they are there and they plead
for my attention, and I, too long thirsty
want to yield, give all that they demand
and praying nobler calling, quickly leave

November 14, 2016
To Maged Yacoub
Sunday morning, Church, feeling like … like …
a fish who’s water, long stale, has changed
Conversations flow past me like a tide
Life! Ebbs and flows all around me
Companionship darts to and fro
Joy … Warmth … Peace …
… Strangeness …
Enveloped, surrounded by love
But grounded on a shoal of pain
Part of, but alien to, this vast family
And yet amidst the tossing beating waves
a slim ray of hope, a kindness shared, renews
I can keep on being alive, despite what has been

November 14, 2016
Not the Biggest
it is not the biggest
by far
others’ are far larger
more readily visible
more easy to see
and in seeing, help
mine is rather small
quietly hidden away
out of sight, never
out of my mind
so very

November 15, 2016
you think it but a trivial thing
a whimsical flight of fancy free
unconcerning, so small a matter
the soul could not be touched
by this little fun your body loves
what you think trivial has forgot
desire follows close on fancy’s lead
each small matter of vast concern
to the soul within the wayward shell
chasing pleasure’s phantom joys

November 16, 2016
yesterday, a tear filled prayer
in the night, His gracious reply
so much more than I had asked
I am again overwhelmed by joy

November 16, 2016
Nothing At All!
Not. One. Thing!
in all this glorious world
owns innocence of choice
what God has called “Good!”
man has claimed his own
and denying glory for greed
has sullied all its charm

November 20, 2016
from February 5, 2012
I’m Not With Miley Ray On This
too much hate in the world
that supposed stars
become detractors
as if obscurity voids opinion
or devotion to Truth
it is not unreasonable
that hate should spring
when light is shone
on its deceitfulness
on the horror of its spawn
faithfulness has its own reward
this world could never give
better the slings and arrows
for this shortened time
than all eternity
we struggle not with flesh and blood
but with the spawn of hell
the warrior’s success
is not in obscure fame
but by always standing true
Miley Ray Cyrus was asked recently
what she thought of homosexual marriage.
 When her positive response
was posted the outcome was violent.
Personally, I’m not with Miley Ray on this.
Be open to the truth, stand by it,
truth does not change.
But Christians who respond with violence
also deny the truth.

November 20, 2016
from January 10, 2013
evil hides within her pleasant form
your senses to deceive
she wraps her sin with beauty
the stalwart to deceive              
beguiling with smile and form
and promises of rapture
to lure her prey to death
to lure to death the foolish
strong, her body calls to yours
with dreams of pleasures’ stolen
from the lover of your life
given to her of doubtful care
momentary delight upon her false breast
displacing years of growing knowledge
arms that clutch and grasp at joy
hold you fast upon your doom
and you trade the bliss of endless life
for your death of endless pain
she will not care though you die
but search another victim
with her pleasures kill
when at the end you reap your seed
her hate will be your balm

November 20, 2016
from May 14, 2013
this world by sadness shroud
wrings tears from every joy
pain the uncared for guest
of every celebration
life begins while knowing death
however far its horrid end
the joy of each day’s step
mingles deep, abiding grief
would that recompense would come
while love still weeps its loss
dear God assuage our tears
and within Your peace enfold us
Written after hearing of the murder
of Tim Bosma; family man, Christian,
for whom we had been praying all week.
Bruce Cockburn’s rocket launcher is
far too small for such a sadness.
Thank God His justice is far more satisfying.

November 20, 2016
from October 2, 2013
exactly as I in-dwell a tent
I fight the failings of this form
about which evils clamour
to its insatiable desires
assaulted, it quakes, it quails
before relentless onslaught
of forbidden dreams
of desires falsely sated

December 1, 2016
Praying to an Ineffective God
why do you cling so strongly to one
whose phantom ears cannot hear
whose silent voice does not speak
whose form is of your own design
you beg, you plead, you shed your tears
awaiting answers that can never come
and I wonder why do you continue
to love a god so obviously futile

February 6, 2017
the mirror shows unfairly
blemish and perfection
draws the eye and lingers
to sign of this day’s cause
an undone know-nothing
I stand midst steam and hope
vapour both and equal stand
tenuous upon fickle winds
if what I know is un-known
what is other known is truth

February 6, 2017
it’s just a small scrape
I wouldn’t worry much
as things go it’s much
the smallest portion
of a far greater part
it is of no importance
in life’s larger scheme
that it is the smallest
of all smallest parts
need not concern you
for you see, it shrinks!

February 10, 2017
Don’t Presume to Tell Me
Don’t presume to tell me what I’ve done
of your bruises you think are mine
Don’t presume to claim upon my soul
or lay your vast anger at my door
For I’ve not done what you say I’ve done
I have done things, many things, as evil
but I have not done that, of your blood
of the blood of your many dead brothers
I Am Innocent
Do not presume to tell me otherwise
or be no better than your claim on me

February 10, 2017
LORD! Keep them safe from me
for I am in danger and alone
their call, though silent, beckons
I hear and yearn to respond
though higher call has claimed me
I long to discard these  shackles
run free and wild upon Your field
uncared that about its edge lies

February 10, 2017
I’ve a hole inside me
it has your shape
but feels less good
than if you filled it

February 15, 2017
Dave & Morley’s Silence
(in fond memory of Stuart McLean)
This world has less joy this night
Than was there when we awoke
This new silence far too deafening
For the mind to fully grasp
Your wond'rous tales of us
Can no more tell of who we are
Echoed but in forlorn memory
Of greater days now gone
This world was blessed to have you in it
Is lesser now that you are not
We long that happy gloried meeting
Where we once again may see your smile

February 27, 2017
some days life will smile at you
other days you will smile at life
alone, on the floor, in the dark
of your small forsaken corner
smiling bravely, as can, at life
as exuberant fountains leaping
scarcely splash upon your soul

February 27, 2017
every woman’s body clamours my attention
a smile, a subtle sway, and I am undone
temptation relentless rears its horrid head
charges into my soul, claims my fragile life
strives to rip from me all that I hold dear
with the siren of my current deepest need

March 9, 2017
To Damascus
I’m going down to Damascus
the skies are bright and clear
I’ll not trouble this road’s dust
nor over-care the grimy drear
I’m going down to Damascus
ere life seem frail and worn
paused within the silent hush
where I might be re-born
I’m going down to Damascus
in hope my Lord to greet
quick to Him in worship rush
praise my God of human feet
I’ve come and gone from Damascus
astounded at these silent skies
snared again in tedious dust
to find Him here in life’s demise

March 17, 2017
The Calling
it calls, and inside this body, I respond
supposed primal urges leap at the chance
too short a time subdued to The Calling
this body burns, it yearns, it longs
that its awakened desire be satisfied
this silenced, throttled mind recoils
despairing the tug of flesh on soul

April 10, 2017
oh God be with me, today
today, when despite myself
every word an act of grace
every act a touch of love
all grates against my grain
for I am rough and ungentle
would be hammer-hard on all
did not Your Love uphold me
through the weakness that I am

April 11, 2017
Falling Off …
I am not who once I was, I am
no longer who my parents love
I was something more, am now
but a shattering shadow that
un-dis-similar to those alive
has no more ability to stand
than a cardboard-cut-out man
the life that once sustained
me has gone, I am left alone
clutched against this barren
rock, uncaring if I stay or fall

April 13, 2017
“Jesus was there too …”
we gave you a pageant, a play, a parade
colours and eggs and crosses and crèches
all arrayed in colourful splendour for you
this truth we believe and proclaim to you
in the smiles on the faces of our children
in their tears of joy as they tear at paper
in colourful little sweets scattered in our yards
we opened our doors to you, asked you inside
we gave you coffee, cookies, tea and cakes
we even had bread and wine the cross and tomb
speak tearfully, emotionally, of their parts
in the dramatic tragedy that gives us life
it was beautiful, lovely, had swelling music
what reason, after seeing all that we did,
do you have to refuse so great a salvation?
“… you just couldn’t see him”
After reading this Facebook post:
“[Church] kids took an Easter parade around the block,
led by the Easter Chicken and The Bunny with a few Palm Sunday colts.
Jesus was there too, you just couldn't see him.”

April 17, 2017
Once filthy,
now clean.
Once dead,
now alive.
Could anything surpass
coming to God a sinful man and hearing Jesus say:
"I have made you clean, go and sin no more."

April 19, 2017
this life so sorely needs a light
a tender ray or a gentle gleam
of light to shine and so dispel
the darkness so closely surrounding
we who perish here in need of
this desperate life so fair and fleet
so long assailed by darkness, fails
has insufficient strength to stand
falls, overwhelmed by our sudden tears
we fail, dismayed, sore in need of
this life so needful of a chance to
live, to spread its wings in flight
has but despair to claim its own
vainly look to the help of faith left
dormant on the shelf, in dust, to
this life could in such glory shine
could such light upon despair bestow
yet unconcerned it stands aside, its
great power for life abused, it
stands useless while the garden
It is so sad to see,
God is so glorious
yet we think it small
to belittle His glory
for our own pleasure

April 19, 2017
Us vs. Them
there is so much “Us”
there is so much “Them”
so much “You” or “I”
says the philosopher
“I’m pulling for you,
we’re all in this together”
not “Us”, not “Them”
neither “You” nor “I”
but oh!, glorious “We!”

April 19, 2017
mid-standing wild stream’s torrent
stands alone a rock, securely solid
splashed yet unmoved, though wet
exuberance surrounds it unyielding
firmly set, stays its sedimentary bed
as unable to move as the flow is free

April 20, 2017
The Tormentor
“Therefore, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them!
But woe to you, O earth and sea,
for the devil has come down to you in great wrath,
because he knows that his time is short!”
Revelation 12:12
a thousand lashes softly wound
unnoticed midst larger trial
tiny whips each drawing blood
unseen, unheard by kindred soul
(with pain their own, as hid)
yet decrease joy, distract sight
from the glory that is promised
cause saint and sinner alike to cry
their endless heartrending “Why?”
whose answer rests upon each hope

April 21, 2017
Were it not for God
in the beginning
before all that is
when nothing was of greater weight
that what was not
even nothing could not have been
were it not for God
in our sadnesses
as grief bears fleeting
when despair is of greater weight
than life itself
even life could not continue
were it not for God
in our exulting
amid our purest
when gloom is fled far and distant
even thanks would be undone
were it not for God

April 21, 2017
there is nothing, nothing at all
I feel I am a dead-man-walking
this heart is callous and bitter
cannot find joy in any pleasure
turns every good upside down
drabness back-drops everything
and yet I live, walk, talk, smile
as though a man not yet dead
afraid others may see my pain
pick up their shard of guilt yet
leave me in these broken pieces
that just want to be alive again

April 21, 2017
To A Friend
you try to give God honour
even fear to type His name
yet tell jokes at His expense
and I see this and I wonder
if God is honoured by this
or finds such honour crass

April 21, 2017
You Didn’t Notice
I stood (fell) before you
my dearest, closest friend
a man alive (but dead, so
very dead) you did not see
that on my feet I faltered
could not hold on to joy
saw only the past delight
now failed to light my eye
and standing there, beside,
my one true help in life,
you saw nothing, did less
and unknowing let me cry
I will not seek revenge
I just had hoped for more

April 24, 2017
I once owned a plot of land
lovely, lush and grand
I used to have a plot of land
now I’ve no place left to stand
we were born into this splendid land
with garden, tree and gem arrayed
beneath azure sky and golden strand
we blessed our lives and joyous played
embed within the brilliant dark
by glorious gems surround

April 26, 2017
On Listening to James Horner’s Movie Themes
by loss of one are diminished all
we seem less than once we were
though echo long survive the fall
yet hearing, shed a sorrowed tear
that treasure lost beyond recall
will no more make this life as fair

May 3, 2017
Can We Do This/That?
oh my, but the questions some christians do ask
“Can we do this?” and “Can we do that?” and
“Is this other thing something we can do now?”
as though the answers were not already there
so plainly writ, just staring them in their faces
it gives one cause to think, perhaps, an answer
is not what they’re looking for, but approval
for choices already made, with a forlorn hope
to escape the death, which also so plainly writ,
stands waiting in the shadows of their denials

May 3, 2017
I was alive when Apollo flew
saw its flame, felt its heat
and I knew, deep in my heart
This. Was. Something. Special.
our own magnificent Thing
the Colossus of the Cape
bestriding life and dream
and in thunder uniting both

May 8, 2017
It’s Everywhere
blink and you won’t miss it
it stays, patient, waiting
for your eyes to open again
the neon sign of your want
blatant stands, unashamed
plays songs of varied note
and calls to all of any taste

May 18, 2017
Add Another Letter
once it was that two made one
that would itself be made again
yesterday to tomorrow united
in the constancy of their today
and though remains as true
as was true when time began
so many letters now are added
ignorant confusion runs amuck
too many left out, some think
“Let’s add another letter!”
yet more makes less unique
less inclusive of the fringe
“Let’s add yet another letter!”
that all but one will have a say
in sad re-writing of this today

May 18, 2017
What Transpires
once personal freedom
is valued more than
one’s personal honour
the fall has no limit

May 29, 2017
(after Stephanie Morgan)
Hush, My child, I’ve got you
there is no need to fear
My love, you are My own
I will not let you go

May 29, 2017
I’m not sure which are worse
the monsters surrounding me
or the monsters I surround
one can merely kill my body
bullets, rocks and fists
even words may harm
yet the pain must end
with the beating
while the others kill my soul
demons clutch and writhe
squirming any hole
no holds barred attack
death alone will end
if one over one could choose
would choose neither terror
but cling instead to life

May 29, 2017
she dances the periphery
scarce seen about my edges
but there, soft temptress
of all desire shrewdly formed
begs attention undeserved
usurper of another’s claim
promised joys seductive speak
her trove of stolen pleasures
delightful, yet cannot endure
her pleasant bed of rosy bliss
by stands death’s dark door

May 29, 2017
I’d like to know how they died, these men
who spoke these words so seeming wise
and know whether their resplendent words
gave comfort as Death’s cold hand drew near
it’s all well and good to say splendid words
while life is kind and smiles softly on the day
but could they believe as breath came short
or wonder if their words were wise or wrong
I’d like to know how they died, these men
who spoke these words so seeming wise
and know whether their resplendent words
gave comfort as Death’s cold hand drew near
a simple thing to say their splendid words
while life is kind and smiles softly on the day
but what of that day their breath comes short
did they doubt if words were wise or wrong
I’d like to know how they died, these men
who spoke these words so seeming wise
and know whether their resplendent words
gave comfort as Death’s cold hand drew near
a glorious thing to say their splendid words
while life is kind and smiles softly on the day
but what of that day that breath comes short
would conscience then as boldly stand

June 2, 2017
In the News Today …
“Karla Homolka not worthy of forgiveness”
but then
none of us are
“worthy of forgiveness”
it is a gift undeserved
at best
often unrequested
at worst
“Karla Homolka did not pay her debt to society”
but then
none of us have
“paid our debt to society”
it is a debt unpayable
at best
often ununderstood
at worst
and as a society un-Christian
having long since slipped our moorings
can forgiveness even be a thing
can such a debt ever be repaid
pain lives on
its tears seldom dry
how can who we are today
not keep a watchful eye

June 2, 2017
this cold chamber contains me
in its damp and silent dark
mocks to scorn I who long to dance
with chains of earth about my feet
yet on that day when He returns
He will call my name and I will fly
to He whom chains will snap as thread
and dance in joy before His face

June 14, 2017
I’m not surprised, now I think about it,
that you show them slight respect
after all, you show Him even less
How will you honour the creature
if you will not honour its Creator?

June 16, 2017
from May 29, 2017
I’m not sure which are worse
the monsters surrounding me
or those that I surround
one can merely kill my body
bullets, rocks and fists
even words may harm
yet the pain must end
with the beating
but those others kill my soul
demons clutch and writhe
squirming any hole
a no holds barred attack
death alone will end
if one over one could choose
would choose neither terror
but cling instead to life

June 16, 2017
I See … Wishing I Wouldn’t Also Think
I see your face emblazoned
on missing persons posters
yet my concern barely seeds
when my mind, selfish still
notices how you are lovely

Oh! I wish my heart as strong
as my body claims to be

June 17, 2017
Day's stand atop themselves
hours topsy-turvy coil
nothing known is firmly fixed
waves assault the sand
Things are not as they seem
un-done deeds are done
deeds done are undone
I stand uncertain, confused
Life's hurdy-gurd surrounds me
can do no more than cling to You
my God, my Only Solid Thing

June 18-22, 2017
I crawled out of my hole, slowly
it is hard, takes a very long time
things are reflected so weirdly
The Light so far away, I thought
it would never touch me and
I wasn't sure it wanted to and
I wasn't sure I wanted it to
Still I scrabbled up to it, because
the pain of Light is so much better than
this daily death of endless tears
The stinging slap of joy, though
bitter, still the good balm craved
by my beaten-down and broken spirit
so needing hope it cannot stand
Blessed Light, painful though it be
is infinitely to be desired over
the permanence of the night
And I grasp at these fragile gleams
clutch them closely to my life
that when darkness again will fall
breathing can go on

June 20, 2017
I am tempted at times to throw it all away
just run off, leave my history far behind me
take up new friends, loves, lives, adventures
and smile unfearing into the storm of days
and smile head-shaking into the dust of dreams
knowing how great a loss would be that gain
history lives, has its own reasons for being
and I, yet a part of it, rejoice again my trace

June 26, 2017 – July 6, 2017
The Beauty Of Life
so excruciating how lovely is life
though often seen through tears
though faithful friends and loves
oft’ forsake for the brighter lights
and yet
life is lovely despite its bliss or pain
despite joys either firm or fleeting
despite other’s carelessness or care
for all, my God, all moves me closer
to You

June 29, 2017 – July 6, 2017
You Don’t Really Want To Know, Do You?
Why I’m happy for my daughters to wear revealing dresses: Mother says she wants her girls to be proud of their bodies (www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3581728/Why-m-happy-daughters-wear-revealing-dresses.html#ixzz4lPHnC9AB)
you don’t really want to know, do you
the thoughts I have I must now destroy
now I have seen a woman such as you
in truth, my response to you is as a man
but if you’d rather I not respond as a man
why so carefully array your body as bait
if you protest my eyes, why be their feast
if you resent my thought, why be its seed
you can’t in honesty say that you’re not
your selfie leaves too little of you unknown
yet leaves who you are to the imagination
you advertise, do you then despise the sale
would you see your innocence transgressed
were I to respond as his nature calls
would you say your glory had been insulted
were I to respond as God decrees

July 25, 2017
each day I struggle with dragons
beating them into submission
weeping that I so often fail
rejoicing God’s mercy remains
on me
and there they stand, uncaring
where I struggle they give way
they laugh to scorn my tears
nor do they understand this joy
I have

July 26, 2017
From May 23, 2013
Infinity’s Edge
on infinity’s edge I pause
upon the line dividing
forever from the abyss
naught holding me save
the difference between
travelling this verge, just denting
the depths below, scarce touching
the glory above, this plane
my course proscribes,
a single golden path
afloat between two realms apart
life proceeds its steady pace
paddle’s gentle dip and splash,
footstep’s daily walk,
to their harbour wend

August 25, 2017
I Win
around me this world clamours, clangs, clashes
it’s everything I can do to ignore it, it’s call is so loud
sirens of all descriptions sing their tempting songs
tempt me from this garden of so many years
to walk a path more trodden, if it lies less verdant
… it calls …
and every day, just by coming home, I win

September 14, 2017
four pastors, eleven men
and a very large group
stand before us
firm in their belief
as we stand before them
equally firm in ours
(the truth may set one free
but not unless one sees)
resisting urge to join
what would flow aside
we feel a stronger tide
that God would be gracious
help us stand with
and no longer against

September 28, 2017
my first thought, on hearing the news, was “Good!”
for your work has long been my temptation
then I thought again, wondering if we’d see
either despair, or rapture, or nothing at all
on your face if you would stand before us now

September 28, 2017
from May 15, 2016
The Sower
I was not to go out into the fields
today, too many “It is too …”s stood
between me here and me there
the day was simply GLORIOUS!
I HAD to go out and plant
my seed before I could not
scattering my seed beneath
His glowing, brilliant sun
I saw on the hill with His own
the Son!
After “The Parable of the Sower”
by Abel Grimmer