January 1985


out in the first morning

i stand






against the immensity of sunrise

and stars fading away

in the departing night


            psalm eight

            ringing in my mind


oh great Lord

what am i

that you love me

enough to give me


life and love

sun and stars

music and laughter

eternity forever

beauty where-ever

i look


such joy i have, Lord

while others suffer

why me?

what did i ever do?


my God!


i love you

i thank you

i praise you


i live because of you

everything i am

all i do

is all you


thank you


that i live

that i see

that i love


thank you

for you

Wesley Acres, on West Lake in Prince Edward

County, early Sunday morning, after seeing setting

stars and rising sun at opposite sides of the sky.


Published in  “Insight” April 1986.


Here you can read Psalm Eight.


The lower case "i" is intentional, it is

intended to show the smallness of man

against the immensity of his Creator.


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