May 6, 2014


I was a child as Apollo thundered to the Moon
star-eyed and wonderstruck that this could be
that I had life now, as dreams were taking flight
am star-eyed and wonderstruck to this very day
at our bold audacity to set foot to Moon dust
riding the fantastic chariot that drove us there
scarce contained tumult hurling metal skyward
sheathed in ice, rising as Phoenix from its pyre
the living dream of people of a hopeless land
silver needle plummeting through the heavens
glorious head of brilliant spear, making light of
haystacks of forlorn hopes and abandoned cares
atop pillars of flame, riding post-apocalyptic roar
for a moment relieving sadnesses of darker days
knights errant embarked upon brave new quest
apex of a vast and mighty pyramid, yet unknown
squires of endless labours rode the skies as well
in spirit join explorers of this vast new ocean
rejoicing each new step’s triumph to the world
lending wing and wind tossed coat tail to all
Prometheus flies, returning flame to Olympus
whence came this dream, this gloried hope
that for the decade held us, holds us even now
the dream denying dawn despite noonday sun
and I, no longer child, hear yet upon the wind
the thunderous roar of dreams taking wing