April 22 ~ 23, 2014


I am confounded and I scream
my “God!” at the sky, longing
the answer I’ve never heard, my
vision so obscured by the real
the Really Real is but poorly seen
and when I think I have known
have really seen the wild beyond
am befuddled, am confounded
by voices once so truly trusted


weeping alone beneath a silent sky
I long to know if I misbelieve
and if I do, having been misled
what then can I know is true
yet is hope despite my tears
though I send my “God!” aloft to
skies both silent and solid I cannot
do else but make this cry to God
believing else would be my death


Post Script


There are days when I wonder
if what I’ve always believed is true
Today was one of those days.
Lying in bed at night
Uncertain of truth
Uncertain of base reality
All I can do is stare at the ceiling and ask
whether what I know is what is true
And explore the options
Just in case


But that is where I can go no further
My cry for wisdom is always to my God
Regardless all my doubt
I doubt Him infinitely less than I doubt any alternative
In Him alone is all my hope