November 11, 2013


I sit here, dreaming of Christmas
while in the Philippines thousands die
and I struggle, celebrating the season
when for so many it will never come
or may come without the same joy I enjoy

no tearing of flimsy paper
no welcoming of distant loves
no shelter from the world outside

it is so vastly unfair they endure this pain
as daily I take such joy for granted
the greatest of my worries insignificant
by comparison to their fight to survive
and I ask our mutual God some questions

why such pain for them while I have little
how do I wrap my life around so great a loss
where is Your grace amidst this calamity

oh my God! grant me the sight
to not belittle You or aggrandize death
let me do justice to Your Word and these
whose lives have been shattered
even as I celebrate salvation