December 1984


401 and Shopping Malls


dark, dismal, drab

no sun

no sky

just cloud

and more cloud

            rolling across the plain


overtop of huddled



hurrying about

without the slightest regard

for a sight

so dreary


look there!

on the crest

a thousand statues sway

marble veins on granite skies

to sliver on lead

where billows recede


and on it goes

a path that goes forever

full of plans, dreams, goals

and destinations


and there!

on the left

comes sunlight crashing through

one small piece of daylight

becomes the painter’s brush






and still the mad wheels turn

life gets lost in living

lives are lost of hope

hope becomes a dream


dark, dismal, drab

though often

yet beauty will abound

tears give laughter meaning

laughter gives tears a hope














life’s chain of plans

a necklace of pearls

too fleeting to ignore










slowly comes


to the mind








the colours

are brought to life

and dance in far off skies



that dies


though often


My sister and I were on our way to

Bowmanville during a winter storm.