What's New on Each New Day a Miracle

This page lists all that has been added to Each New Day a Miracle from its last major redesign in April 2013; for earlier changes, see the archived Modification History page.


Why no updates for so long? The months of December, January & February are always extremely busy at my office; which is why updates typically don't occur between November and March. I am still here and I am still shooting and writing, it's just difficult to find the time to update this website during those months.


January 21 ~ Added many poems from 2017; too many to list here 

January 17 ~ Added many poems from 2016; too many to list here



August 14 ~ Added many poems from the past several months:


Weep / Hope

You Called Here Home Long Before I Came

May My Small Voice Praise You!

We Have Rebelled

You Couldn't Be More Wrong If You Tried

Psalm 76:10

I'm Sorry

Don't Judge

The Sower

One Look At The Wonder Around Us

Fortress (O. S.)



Did You Not Make This Earth

How Can This Soul Please You?

Sometimes Facebook Hurts

Each Time You Open Your Mouth

Finding Hate - Forsaking Love

Don't Go Blaming The Church

The Soul Has Been Devoured

Telling Yourself There Might Be

They That Love ...

Oh! Give to Me An Endless Sky


April 16 ~ Added the following poems:


Beside the Wild Water

Into That Silent Darkness

When ...

We Bring The Good News!

Weep / Hope



November 22 ~ Added the poem "Along the Humber"


November 11 ~ Added the following poems; sorry for the delay, life's been a little wierd.


Will Anyone Care For Me?


Do I Matter ... At All?


Of all My Loves My Best is Thee!

Where Ways Divide

Broken Body

Words May Make a Thing Seem Pure

You Deride My Words

Spring is in the Air

Am I a Man?

Not Brittle, Not Fragile Even

It Is Finished!


When You Told Me

God of all Creation

The Greatest Proof Of God We Need

The Neighbours are Up-In-Arms
It Shall Not End

There Is Not Glory Enough For These

We Do Good, We Are Good, We Hope

Best of all Possible Times

Most Times

An Invisible Man

Message Received

Pieces of Me

We Blame the Maker

Don't Do Them Any Favours

Is It Na´ve To Hope?

Ever Closer to the Night

It's Kind of Funny

Across the Sea ...

We Take What We've Been Given

The Rest of Our Lives

They Neither Know Nor Care

It is of the Earth Most Wondrous

Rose Left

I Do Not Begrudge Your Pain

Plato's Idea


The Lark Ascended



January 11 ~ Added the poem Je ne suis pas Charlie Hebdo



October 30 ~ Added the poem A Response to John Shore


October 18 ~ Added the following poems


Words May Make

Mute Before the Almighty God

Were I a Spade to See

Sticks and Stones

I May Not Know ALL of Him

Of all My Loves My Best is Thee!


October 7 ~ Added "I Hope that You're Listening" to Explorations


October 2 ~ Added the following poems and these pictures of our recent 25th anniversary trip to Austria and Switzerland


Winter Returns

I Am Confounded

'nuff Said

I Know How it Works

We Could No More Restrain God

You Deride My Words

Perhaps You are Right

You May Not Enjoy Hearing it From Me

Once Upon a Time

God does not take Refuge

Reason ... or Lies?

The Ship and The Storm

I Feel the Undertrodden

I was a Child when Apollo

I Used to Have an Opinion

Put Not Your Trust in Man

I Will Celebrate These Holy Days

Must be Some Almighty Love

A Mother's Love

Careless Words

Is it Because You Think Me Rude

There was a Fire

I Cried Myself to Sleep

The Greatest Proof of God We Need

Joy Fleets as Summer Rain

This Heart LIVES!

There is a Life

So far From Joy

Whatever's Written In Your Heart

I Will Rejoice


April 26 ~ Added the following poems and these pictures


Facebook Poetry Collaboration with Tara and Others

We On-Dwell a Spinning Ball

He Came to Us

He Came for Me!

Holiness Corrupted

I Am Not

An Instant from the Edge

Repentance is not a Choice

No Shoes in Heaven

We Can't be Certain

It Doesn't Matter What You Think

I Came to the River and Stood


March 9 ~ Added many pictures and these poems

It Will Not be Enough


I Honour These

Journey With Me, Won't You?

The Flame

Egg Nog

Such a Hate Filled Place


Let God Forget

I Thought I Would Be Reviled

Christmas Brings Christianity Back For Me

So ...

Thus I Weep

I Am Not of Buchan's Heroes

It Is Winter

Disbelieving You Are Made

I Wrote a Poem Once

Contrary to What You May Think

We Shall Not Walk Those Distant Fields

I Miss The World I Dreamed

My Flesh Too Frail

Snow ...

Tim Horton's Haiku



November 14 ~ Added Bible study on Devotions, with Study Guide


November 13 ~ Added about fifteen images taken while "breaking in" my new Pentax MX-1


November 6 ~ Updated "Life Is Wonderful" with the Rembrance Day poem "The Lark Ascended"


September 2 ~ Added "Life Is Wonderful," a page devoted to celebrating how simply marvelous it is to be alive and enjoy all that we have been given.


August 9 ~ Added almost one hundred images taken on recent trips to the Kingston Area (Colonel By Lake, Kingston Mills Lock, Old Fort Henry, Rideau Acres & Seeley's Bay) and the Lodges at Pine Cove (on the French River)


July 26 ~ Updated the poem, Infinity's Edge and the Bible study, The Lord's Prayer


July 9 ~ Added forty images taken on a recent vacation at the cottage and my son's graduation trip to Orlando, Florida


May 23

Updated the poem Infinity's Edge

Updated the poem I Will Not Criticize You

I Continue to Seek Approval

I See Them Alongside Me, Lord

It is not of Myself

There Must be Something More

It's Finally Friday!

This World with Sadness Shroud

We Keep Asking "Why?

There, but for the Grace of God

I Couldn't Care...


May 3 ~ Added several poems:

Oh Lord! Help Us!

I Will Not Criticize You

Should You Deride My Fall

I Didn't Deserve You


April 28 ~ Added several poems, including two poems in response to the Boston bombing:

You Sneer at Me

You Can Wish All You Wish

Joshua at Jericho

If I Teach My Child to Love

Died Suddenly

On Chesterton, Lewis, et al

Uncle Joe Moved Out Last Night

Life is Simply Delirious

One Way

I Will Never Forget You

What Days Await

Evil Hides Within Her Pleasant Form

We Live in an Age Where Violence is Glorified

I Weep For this World


Boston, April 2013 ~ Hope

Boston, April 2013 ~ They Ran!


November 2012 to April 2013 ~ No updates were made while I researched a new design for this website and the best way to apply and maintain whichever design I decided on. Upon learning that Microsoft Expression Web 4 was available for free download I realized I had found both the new design paradigm and the method by which to achieve it. On April 6, 2013, the new design went live and I can now concentrate again on creating and sharing new material.