A Letter to Our Elected Officials, from a Citizen
October 11, 2013


This letter was written upon assumption of the Ontario Premiership by Ms. Kathleen Wynne, of the province's Liberal party. I am a staunch Conservative but felt the need to write this letter in response to my disillusionment with the leaders of each of the three primary parties: Ms. Kathleen Wynne (Liberal), Ms. Andrea Horvath (NDP) and Mr. Tim Hudak (Progressive Conservative) after the fiasco of the gas plant cancellation that cost Ontario tax payers at least $1,000,000,000.00. I posted the letter to my Facebook page and attempted to post it on each of the leader's website and/or Facebook page, as well as to have it printed in various local newspapers without success. I am putting it here because to show that a citizen's call to have our leaders act honourably, respecting the trust which they have been given, does not negate the Bible's injunction to respect our leaders as given by God.


All things being equal, you will have no idea who I am. Yet I am hopeful that you care enough for me to listen to what I have to say. Why do I have this hope? In part because I am a taxpayer and a portion of the money that you work with is paid from my wallet but mostly because I have given you, and you have taken up, the task of caring for my welfare.

That thought amazes me, as I hope it will never cease to amaze you: You have been entrusted with, and have accepted, the task of caring for my welfare. You, whom I know only from sound-bites and photo-ops, have been given the task of caring for the welfare of someone you do not know, and who desperately hopes you can be trusted. We are unknown to each other yet I have given you the task of caring for my welfare. Your hands will form the shape of my future. Your hands maintain all that I hold dear in this life.

I have entrusted you with my health, my wealth and my tomorrow; all are held in your hands. I have entrusted you with all that matters to me in this world. There is very little I can do to guide you once you have taken up this trust. I cannot easily meet with you to discuss your performance. I cannot make a phone call or send an email to you and be certain that my voice will be heard. Once you have taken up this trust you are untouchable. For all intents and purposes you are a free and independent agent with little to fear from me whether you abuse or honour my trust. I hope you will not take this power for granted.

I have entrusted you with my life. Your mistake today will be my loss tomorrow. Your success today will be my benefit tomorrow. I do not expect you to be perfect and I will not be surprised when you make mistakes for whatever reason. But when you do, I will expect you to admit your guilt; apologize for your carelessness and make recompense for my loss to the best of your ability. Even if this will cause you discomfort, pain or shame; I will expect you to make right what you have made wrong. I want to know that you will use your position as an opportunity for you to prove your worth, to improve as a person and to encourage my trust.

I hope that you will not forget that the resources you have at hand to perform your task are not your own. They are mine which I have entrusted to you and have enabled you to use on my behalf. I did not do this so that you could ensure your position or reward those who maintain your power; that would be an abuse of my trust. I have done this so that you could take action for my welfare; to the best of your ability. I am trusting that you will do this with decency, wisdom and integrity. I want to believe that this is your desire as well.

Ms. Wynne – Regarding the recent gas plant disclosures, you have been presented with the (hopefully rare) opportunity to prove that you are more than empty words or broken promises. Whatever your involvement in these current scandals, you have the opportunity today to show Ontario what you are made of. You have a chance to make things right. You have presented a reassuring public image over the past several months but it is by your actions today that we will know if that image is a fašade or a true reflection of your character. The scandal of the previous government has greatly abused the trust which it had been given. More than words and promises that “It will never happen again” are needed to restore that trust. The public image you have been cultivating is that of a person who will do all that is in her power to resolve the mistakes that have been made; may that truly be the case.

Mr. Hudak and Ms. Horvath – You too have been given the opportunity to prove that you are more than words and hopeful action. You have this chance to show that you have the best interest of Ontario at heart and show Ontario that you value the trust you have been given by seeking what is best for the people rather than your own self-interest. By your actions today you will show your true character. If you choose to continue to support the government please do so because you believe that this government is best able to look after the interests of Ontario; not because propping this government is the only way to move your own agenda forward. If you choose to bring down the government please do so because you believe your party is best able to look after the interests of Ontario and not only because you want to sit in the Big Chair. May each of you make your decisions for no other reason than to benefit those who have given you their trust and depend on you to care for them.

Because, ultimately, it comes down to this: We have given you our trust, we want to know that you are worthy of it.